Maker Day Brasil Capa Transparente


Design a City in the Sky (Creative Writing Prompt)

Maker Challenge: Invent an Underground Civilization

Design the Drone Delivery System (A Maker Challenge)

Maker Challenge: Create an Arcade Game

Maker Challenge: Design the Ultimate Tiny House

Divergent Thinking Challenge: What would you make with this?

Invent a Creature that Lives Inside of an Active Volcano

Maker Challenge: Design a City for Superheroes

Maker Challenge: Design a School on Mars

Maker Challenge: Design the Ultimate Roller Coaster

Invent a Sport Using These Randon Items

Maker Challenge: Design the Ultimate Tree House

You Have to Get Your Own Genius Hour

Maker Challenge: Create an Eco-Friendly Kitchen

Design the Ultimate Lair (Writing   Prompt)

Invent a Sport that Can be Played with Social Distance

Writing Prompt: Create a Time Capsule